During 1871 George Eliot (Marian Evans) and her partner George Lewes lived in Haslemere and stayed at Cherrimans in August of that year. George Eliot was writing her great novel, Middlemarch, at the time. 

George Eliot's VerandahShe wrote to a friend, of her stay at Cherrimans: 

“We enjoy our roomy house and pretty lawn greatly. Imagine me seated near a window, opening under a verandah, with flower-beds and lawn and pretty hills in sight, my feet on a warm water-bottle, and my writing on my knees. In that attitude my mornings are passed. We dine at two; and at four, when the tea comes in, I begin to read aloud. About six or half-past we walk on the commons and see the great sky over our head. At eight we are usually in the house again, and fill our evening with physics, chemistry, or other wisdom if our heads are at par; if not we take to folly, in the shape of Alfred de Musset’s poems, or something akin to them. “

The house and the verandah are very much as it was when George Eliot was staying and provides a great insight into her writing of Middlemarch.